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Monday, May 3, 2021

Find vegetables name in sentences

 Halo is a summer vacation for the children. The children do various activities during the vacation. The children also enjoy indoor games and outdoor games. The children often organize various primary schools even in summer camps.  Vacation homework is given to children in many primary schools to make the best use of the vacation time for it to come out which helps the child to develop his thinking. 

 Craising various vegetable search activities for the children here. The children are very much interested in the activities.  Activities such as making a toy out of clay, working paper, painting, coloring, coloring, drawing, drawing, etc.  There are also some pattern based activities in which children get answers just by thinking. 

So here are various activities that children can use in their leisure time to think and think and get answers.  Here are the names of vegetables, names of fruits, names of colors, names of animals, names of birds, pictures, spellings, missing spaces from spelling, various activities like Purvi play a very important role in the development of children's minds.  

He gets bored if he comes but if the child is given active education then he is very interested to learn through his activity that is why various books have also been made active so that the child becomes more and more interested in books and he gets to work.  

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