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Monday, May 3, 2021

Shreshth teacher paritoshik mate darkhast mokalava babat

Proposals for Best Teacher to all Taluka Districts and State Teachers in June  Ordered in the circular to be sent by 2021, under which the applicable teachers are required to take note of it and submit it along with the file of their working method in the required format.

 The school principal is responsible for maintaining the service book of the staff within three months from the date of appointment of the employee. The school has to fulfill the service book as per Exchange 23. 

For every registered school and its every employee, the school board should start service book service in sample 5 within three months from their appointment.  And it should be continued Exchange 2 Appendix-2 Administrative Duties The principal is responsible for maintaining the service book of the school staff as per issue number and making necessary notes in it as well as the board of directors is responsible for maintaining the principal's service book and making necessary notes thus fulfilling legal duty in private secondary school.

  In case of non-compliance with the service book, an appeal may be made to the Hon'ble Secondary Education Commission. The office may order the principal to stop the vacancy as well as to donate the janu.  For its fulfillment it should write to the school if the school has been closed earlier then parallel proof based on the affidavit received.

  The current school should fulfill it on the basis of the facts. In such a case, the final cause of tension should not be tarnished. The name of the employee on the first page of the service book should be destroyed without verification.  Registered school administrators should verify the service book note along with the original record or as per occasion certificates and the administrators should verify and symbolically keep special note in the book that the notes and certificates are in accordance with the BP duplicate entries in the service book every two years.  On the occasion of the principal, the board of directors has to verify the second page of the service book by stamping the left thumb and fingerprint of the employee. The principal should sign and certify the coins.

પરિપત્ર ડાઉનલોડ કરવા અહી ક્લિક કરો.

 File 1: Download from Here

File 2: Download from Here

File 3: Download from Here

File 4: Download from Here

 The first page should include a joint photo of the husband and wife in the detail note.  The appointment note of the employee has to be certified at the beginning and retirement in the service book.  The note should be made at the end of the note in the service book

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