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Monday, May 3, 2021

Medicines provide by gov of gujarat in All gujarat gram panchayat

 At present, the incidence of coronary heart disease is increasing day by day in Gujarat. Government services and various medicines and oxygen etc. Hospitals as well as medical emergencies have been created.  In addition to the supply of oxygen to all metros by the Gujarat government as well as the delivery of various medicines for coronary heart disease to the patients, the government is making various efforts to provide proper care to the patients at home so that the patients can be treated well at the village level.  

Attempts are also being made by various government departments. At present, the Gujarat government has also coordinated with the health department to distribute kits to the gram panchayats to ensure that patients with various types of coronary heart disease get proper immunity booster as well as timely access to appropriate medicines.  

The way this song has been allotted in the gram panchayat which can be used at the next level if a corona infected patient comes to it.  These medicines can be obtained immediately by contacting a medical officer and there are some people at the village level who do not have adequate immunity. Ayurvedic homeopathic medicines such as samvarti.  These medicines will be distributed to all the villagers by coordinating the gram panchayats with the help of Ashavarkars so that the immunity of the people with low immunity can be enhanced with the help of Ayurvedic medicines so that they can get proper help in recovery in future if they get infected with corona.  

To provide adequate quantity of medicines in every gram panchayat by the Government for the people to get proper treatment medicine immediately if there is a common cold and cough in the general level. In order to provide immediate medicine to the common patients in case of cold and cough, to the village level. 

 The government is making various efforts to speed up the vaccination campaign  Appropriate orders have been issued in the government department to save the lives of the youth of Gujarat through village-to-village vaccinations. The government is vaccinating the youth between the ages of  18 to 45 years from May 1, 2021 so that such youth can recover quickly in the future if the corona infection rate increases.

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