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Monday, May 3, 2021

Rajy prathamik shikshak sang ni rajooaato grahy n rakhava babat paripatr

 Questions of long standing questions of primary teachers as well as h-tat principals of primary teachers etc. in the primary education department of the state of Gujarat. Different representations are made to the education department by the primary teachers union of the state. 

પગાર સિવાયના ભથ્થા બાબત

 Various representations to make 100% as well as salary scale to the h-tat principals as well as questions of basic setup etc. were presented to the Director of State in different phases but all the representations were made in stages by the State Primary Teachers Union to the Education Department of the Director. 

 The Director pointed out various representations of the Education Department and after proper analysis, finally the State Primary Teachers Union has given its reply in writing. All the representations cannot be accepted under any circumstances.  Yo to the State Education Department by the Director, Primary Education Department, Gandhinagar  The various submissions of education have also been properly evaluated after due observation and evaluation in which the various representations of education cannot be accepted under any circumstances and no proper solution can be found on them. Now the State Primary Teachers Union has informed the teachers in writing

.  Information will now form the next strategy. Teachers and district fair camps are not conducted by different unions even before. If regular district camp camps are held, teachers who have been working in the same place for a long time will get the benefit of their homeland.  Jobs are available so that the husband and wife can make representations for the closure of the couple's case for a long time. 

રાજ્યમાં તાલુકા પ્રાથમિક શિક્ષણ અધિકારી અને નાયબ જિલ્લા પ્રાથમિક શિક્ષણ અધિકારી નો વધારાનો ચાર્જ આપવા લેટેસ્ટ પરિપત્ર અને list

Since the district is not recruited in many camps, the camps are not changed so that various representations were made by the teachers as to why 100% district transfer takes place.  There were also some questions from different societies in which they were also killed and transferred to other districts and other talukas to amend the rule.

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