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Wednesday, June 30, 2021



The success of a child in school depends on his or her nutrition and well-planned activities. Arranging the necessary equipment for a mid-day meal program requires school time. Special effort is required in health and physical education programs for boys from pre-school age onwards.  Just as girls should be given the same attention. 

There was a voice all over the world. The nature of school is seen as a language of discussion whether it prepares children for the purpose of teaching and for girls who are desperately needed for success in school  And there is a great need to control it flexibly. A locally employed succulent school calendar and timetable are recommended so that it can allow time to set aside time for various activities like Brahman for projects as well as places like natural, traditional and cultural heritage. 

 We have to try to make sure that more material can be prepared by teaching children, especially books and references in the local language.  Content Reference Library for School and Teacher and Interactive Technology for Dissemination Technology This document emphasizes the importance of the abundance and openness of options on a spiritual level and the poor activity in our brains to put children in a closed framework so that children especially in rural areas  Opportunity for children is limited.

 In the context of creative reforms, this document emphasizes the need to beautify the Panchayati Raj system by adopting a more tactical approach to promote community participation as a way to increase quality and accountability.  It is very necessary to raise the level of quality so that the division of roles at the block and cluster levels is required. For longer training programs, it is necessary to bring this procedure longer and more holistic so that there is ample opportunity for children to observe carefully and  A full opportunity to look at the principles and practices can be found.  

There will be improvements in exams so that especially in 10th and 12th standard and thus children in general need to take special steps to find a solution to the problems surrounding their parents psychological stress such as complete change of question paper which helps in reasoning and creative abilities. 

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કાગળમાંથી પેપર ગિફ્ટ બોક્સ બનાવો આજનો વિડીયો 22/5/2021

કાગળમાંથી ડાયનોસોર બનાવો આજનો વિડીયો 21/5/2021

કાગળમાંથી માછલી બનાવો આજનો વિડીયો 20/5/2021

કાગળમાંથી પંખો બનાવો આજનો વિડીયો 19/5/2021

કાગળમાંથી સૂર્ય બનાવો આજનો વિડીયો 18/5/2021

કાગળમાંથી ફૂલ બનાવો આજનો વિડીયો 17/5/2021

કાગળમાંથી પક્ષી બનાવો આજનો વિડીયો 16/5/2021

કાગળ કામ અને ગડીકામ આજનો વિડીયો 15/5/2021

કાગળકામ આજનો વિડીયો 14/5/2021

કાગળકામ સ્નોમેન બનાવો વિડીયો 13/5/2021

કાગળકામ ચકરડી બનાવો વિડીયો 12/5/2021

કાગળકામ ડાયમંડ બનાવો વિડીયો 11/5/2021

કાગળકામ રમકડાં બનાવો છત્રી વિડીયો 10/5/2021

કાગળકામ રમકડાં બનાવો વિડીયો 9/5/2021

કાગળકામ રોબોટ બનાવો વિડીયો 8/5/2021

કાગળકામના રમકડાં બનાવો વિડીયો 7/5/2021

કાગળ કામના રમકડાં બનાવો વિડીયો 6/5/2021

કાગળ કામના રમકડાં વિડીયો 5/5/2021

કાગળ કામ પેગ્વિન બનાવો વિડીયો 4/5/2021

કાગળ કામ રમકડાં વિડીયો તા.3/5/2021

કાગળ કામ રમકડાં વિડીયો તા.2/5/2021

કાગળ કામ રમકડાં વિડીયો તા.1/5/2021

 It is not possible to test the importance of the ability and transparency of the test and the importance of internal assessment to be combined with standard activities. What solutions will be needed to overcome the generalized series of passes and failures prevalent today?  Can be motivated to take

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