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Sunday, June 6, 2021

Most useful maths learning materials for students 6 to 8

 I have created beautiful games for children from standard 6 to 8 who are learning to play by playing. I am sending you games 6 to 8. I hope that from the new session it will be useful for all children. So use all the teachers. Games are nice and easy. Everyone will like it. It is very easy for children to learn through games.

Municipalities, Municipalities, Districts, Panchayats, Taluka Panchayats and Gram Panchayats and Gram Panchayats are functioning at various levels in the state. Panchayati Raj plays an important role in the education of the members of the society.  The process of giving is to be done at the village level. The Gram Panchayat as the local authority is abolished.


     The School Management Committee i.e. the School Management Committee has also been effectively formed to supervise and guide the school management.  The school is the ornament of the village. The children study in the school. It is very important for the villagers to involve the parents of the panchayat members in this matter and to look after their children so that all the children of the village and surrounding residential area from 8 to 12 years get primary education

.  It is very important that members of the local authority visit the school  It is also very important to provide guidance to the school principal and teacher as well as help in solving difficult problems. It is also very important to train the Gram Panchayat members along with the members of the school management committee. Provision has been made to provide free and compulsory education to the primary school children. 

     Care and school rules for all students studying in each school will be under the control of the State Government and local authorities.  Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys .....

પ્રકરણ 1 વર્ક શીટ....

Therefore, we can teach children through games. Here, a beautiful game like Snake CD has been created for children from Std. 6 to 8 to worksheet. The children will be able to learn easily and will also be able to recognize various animals and birds..The children will be able to learn easily through the arrow keys given in this game..This game will be very successful when the child is sitting at home and doing home learning.

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