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Sunday, June 6, 2021

Interesting Educational games for students of std 1 to 5


I have created beautiful games for children from standard 1 to 5 who are learning to play by playing. I am sending you games 1 to 5. I hope that from the new session it will be useful for all children. So use all the teachers. Games are nice and easy. Everyone will like it. It is very easy for children to learn through games.

Significant changes in language, mathematics and social sciences are being suggested in the school curriculum in the field of ethics.  The National Curriculum Document recommends that the walls be built in such a way that the child can have the full enjoyment of knowledge and the joy of understanding anything.

 It is also taught that a lot of textbooks and other materials including local knowledge and  Traditional can finally get involved and the children's home and community situation creates a living relationship. 9:30 ensures the same environment. Sleep is given in terms of language. 

A new attempt should be made to implement the free Bhasi formula  There is a special need to use the multilingual nature of Indian society in diseases since it is only possible when there is a prudent language system in education and mother tongue. 

 Is developed on the basis of reading, writing, speaking, listening and actions play an important role in all areas of the curriculum in the progress of children and they should be the basis of curriculum plans.  Science education needs to be changed in such a way that every child is able to mature his or her day-to-day experiences. 

The environment needs to be emphasized in every subject above the public. This will be against other comprehensive activities, including a project outside the four walls.  The movement can be imagined with the promotion of education in the region at the national level and eventually in the whole of Asia.

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