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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

New policy of electric scooter and vehicles2023

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Vijay Rupani created the announcement at a conference

The announcement was created to scale back petrol-diesel consumption

Electric vehicles scale back pollution.

The purpose of changing into an electrical vehicle for the folks is very important.

The government emphasizes two-wheelers, three-wheelers and four-wheelers

This policy can forestall six 100000 carbon emissions

20 thousand for 2 wheeler, fifty thousand for 3 wheeler and one and a 0.5 100000 for four wheeler.

A charging station are discovered to charge the vehicle

Everyone gets civil right to take a position within the state of Gujarat.

Let's begin a brand new policy these days

Electric vehicles ar utilized by additional folks

subsidy are backed per power unit

Currently 250 charging stations are sanctioned and 250 are provided going forward

Battery swapping stations are promoted

Objective of Electric Bike Assistance Scheme

The scheme is implemented by the Energy Geda, Government of Gujarat’s Control Division. That is why this aid is implemented by the government.This assistance is measured for a total of 2 types of vehicles. A subsidy of Rs.12,000/- is given to students studying in class 9 to 12 in the state if they buy a two-wheeler electric vehicle and Rs.48,000/- to other individuals/organizations if they buy a three-wheeler electric vehicle. is coming.

Important Link

Official website: Click Here

Eligibility for availing E Bike Scheme

Electric Bike Subsidy Gujarat Govt GEDA Gujarat Govt. Provided by Bike Yojana. If any person from Gujarat wants to take advantage of this Gujarati One Trick Bike scheme then there are certain eligibility laid down by “Gujarat Energy Development Agency” which one has to follow.

  • The applicant must be a citizen of Gujarat.
  • Students studying in Gujarat from class 09 to class 12 and college students can benefit from the electric bike scheme.
  • In the tricycle electric bike scheme, any organization or individual in Gujarat can take advantage of this scheme.
  • Beneficiary should be a citizen of Gujarat.
  • Gujarat two wheeler scheme will be available only to students of class 9 and 12 and college students of the state.
  • Three Wheeler Scheme will be available only to individuals and institutions of the state.

Benefits available under this scheme

It is necessary to increase the use of e-scooter and e-rickshaw to protect and preserve the environment. Keeping this in mind, Battery Operated Two Wheeler Scheme 2021-22 has been implemented, wherein the beneficiaries are given subsidy on the purchase of vehicles. Following are the details of the benefits of this scheme.

  • Under this scheme, 12,000/- assistance will be given to the students of class-9 to 12 and college on the purchase of electric scooter.
  • 48,000/- subsidy will be given on purchase of three wheeler or e-rickshaw for individuals and organizations.
  • Under the Gujarat Electric e-Vehicle Scheme, the subsidy amount will be deposited in the bank account of the beneficiaries through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT).
  • Under this scheme, electric vehicles will be provided to the beneficiaries free of charge.
  • Both boys and girls will be eligible for this scheme.

How to apply?

To avail this scheme one has to go to the official website of Gujarat Energy Development Agency – GEDA and get the application form. The application form of this scheme can be downloaded free of charge. Then the following procedure has to be done.

  • The beneficiary has to fill the information as requested in his application form.
  • Documents have to be attached along with filling the application form.
  • After that, the manufacturer and model will have to be selected and co-coined with the empaneled companies.
  • After filling the information in the application form and selecting the model, the form can be deposited at the dealers of the selected manufacturers.
  • Application form for availing Electric Bike Subsidy in Gujarat can also be deposited at the office of GEDA.

The government has created the announcement additional munificently than different states.

Gujarat are the primary state to supply grant

Along with Maruti, 3 Japanese firms will begin production

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