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Friday, June 4, 2021

Pragna teachers online talim

   GCERT Gandhinagar has sent a circular on 3 6 2021 to all the principals of the state as well as the District Primary Education Officer to organize Pragya online training under National ML & Mission.  The FLN mission has been launched for the specific implementation of the emphasis on numeracy. 

     Under this mission, various efforts will be made to teach basic skills like reading, writing, counting and more and more to the students of standard one to three in the form of a specific campaign.  All the activities required to learn writing arithmetic skills will be given more and more place of methods all over the country

      The same philosophy that is practiced in Pragya Abhi Tak has also been discussed under the National App and Mission. Every child learns individually according to his / her speed and ability. He / she should have opportunities for classroom learning and self-study and should be constantly evaluated.  Special emphasis has been laid on the pragya approach

 Recently, in March 2021, we had to conduct training for teachers of Std. 1 to 8. It is very necessary for the teachers to complete the training through online training.  The C-Coordinator is also expected to receive this training

Click here for join in trainning

 This training is available on diksha Platform. A circular has been sent by gcert Gandhinagar for all the diet lecturers, education inspectors, BRC, CRC coordinators and teachers of Std. 12 to get online training.

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