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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

How to upgrade your CPF account online. *

 *How to upgrade your CPF account online. *

 *10 important questions and answers related to CPF-NPS *

 1. What could be the reason if the NPS statement does not show a deduction of some months?

 (Ii) If there is an error in the prana card, how can it be corrected?

 (3) Can I invest in tier-II for more tax benefits?

 (2) What is the significance of mobile number and mail ID?

 (V) What to do if no nomination details are given?

 (2) If I get a loan in GPF, can I get it in CPF?

 (2) Can certain amount be withdrawn in time of need?

 (2) How much pension will you get after retirement?

 (2) What to do if the previous balance is to be paid?

 (10) What to do to get CPF number if full salary has come?

 * Evaluation is integrated into the study-teaching and continues throughout the teaching-learning. It is very important to be multiple in order to be free from prejudice.  Things like knowledge influence, person, expression, skills, attitude, promotion, etc., are very helpful for teachers to modify their teaching or learning according to the needs of the students and the ease of learning.  Both include responding and receiving

 Students need to be given opportunities and scope to evaluate, reflect and analyze their own work during the learning process. Identifying their skills and raw Sony can also encourage them to evaluate themselves and reflect on group work. Evaluation greatly boosts a child's self-confidence and lifelong  It also helps in developing abilities for learning. It can also be done during meditation. Teachers can also use individual or peer assessment information to track students' progress on the learning process based on the evidence gathered. Each child's profile can be maintained as a portfolio used to coordinate child's progress.  Traditional written test or examination can be used for all study outcomes.

CPF અને NPS મહત્વ નાં પ્રશ્નો ના જવાબ માટે દરેક શિક્ષકો અને આચાર્યો એ આ વિડિયો નિહાળો ખૂબ જરૂરી છે

 Education and development Cognitive socio-emotional etc. Covering various aspects and carrying out detailed assessment using example Assessment Various activities can be selected Teachers only Features of Adhyatekendri textbook The issues covered in Bhatia village are found in the textbook Textbook  It is a computerized printed textbook for all students and should be readily available and reflect the objectives of the MCF.

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