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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Ekam kasoti babat||GCERT ekam kasoti babat

 Ekam kasoti babat

A variety of sincere efforts will be made to prepare special high quality textbooks and teaching and learning materials for the study and teaching of science and mathematics so that students will be able to think and express both subjects in both mother tongue and English.

Ekam kasoti dur karava babat

 In many developed countries the world has seen that being well educated in their own language traditions is not a hindrance but it can be of great benefit for educational, social and technical progress.  There is a huge amount of music and literature in the language. Yes, it is the national identity of India and Sunday is the day for the preservation and promotion of culture.  Should

 Every student of the country participates in various activities on Indian languages ​​under One India Best India on Indian Languages ​​Project Students learn about the remarkable unity in most Indian languages ​​starting with their similar units and scientifically arranged alphabets and lemons as well as similar grammatical structures and Sanskrit  And sources of vocabulary will start from other classical languages. 

They will also be able to get an idea of ​​the type and structure of tribal languages ​​spoken in which region and also the sentences commonly spoken in every major language of India and also they speak well.  The richness of each language and the high level of literature is also learned through translation.

Ekam kasoti babat

 There will be project activities in other parts of India for people to complete their whole life with each other and no assessment of any kind will be included.

 The beauty of the importance of classical languages ​​and literature in India cannot be overlooked as Sanskrit is one of the important modern languages ​​mentioned in the schedule of the Constitution of India.  Its importance includes mathematics, science, politics, metallurgy, drama, poetry and much more. Its creation involves people of all religions, people of all castes, people from different socio-economic backgrounds and people who do not believe in any religion.  

એકમ કસોટી દૂર કરવા બાબત અગત્યના વાંચવા જેવા સમાચાર

Contribution lies in Sanskrit language. Thus it is necessary to include Sanskrit in school education as an important group option for students including option in trilingual sutra.  Even Sanskrit textbooks at pre-primary and secondary school level will be used plain and simple  Will be written in Sanskrit

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