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Saturday, December 25, 2021


 Under the state government's new enhanced pension scheme, schemes have been published so that the account holder can take effective measures.

 Careful consideration is finally given by the State Government that under the new augmented pension scheme of the State, the account holders may partially withdraw from their accounts subject to the following provisions before the officers retire or resign.

  See specific for withdrawal

 For higher studies of account holder's children including legally adopted children

 Arrangements can be made for the marriage of the account holder's children

 No other house should be in the joint name of some spouse or his / her spouse unless the account holder has inherited for the construction of a joint residence or flat with his / her spouse.

 The following special types of disease can be used for treatment

 Cancer primary l hypertension multiple sclerosis coronary artery bypass graft heart valve surgery total flight delays paralysis severe fatal accident

 Within the withdrawal limit, the employee concerned should be involved in the new enhanced pension scheme for at least three years or more.  No. Withdrawal of more than 5% of the amount paid by the account holder on the date of application for partial withdrawal of the account holder cannot be allowed.

1/04/2005 થી ફરજ બજાવતા કર્મચારીના વયનિવૃત્તિ/અવસાન કિસ્સામાં જમા રજાઓનું રોકડમાં રૂપાંતર બાબત

 In the application for partial withdrawal, the concerned account holder has to apply online for partial withdrawal using the login ID and password allotted to him on the official website. After submitting the application, the acknowledgment number will be generated.  The competent authority will have to apply for partial withdrawal along with the applicable document


 In case of partial withdrawal pain, the competent officer in pursuance of the superstitious withdrawal application of the concerned account holder officer shall send the order approving the partial withdrawal to the office of the Director of Pension and Provident Fund in the fifth day as per the schedule beginning with this.

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