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Saturday, December 25, 2021


 Under the new enhanced pension scheme NSDL will have to prepare the following proposal and send it in two copies to get my money back.

 Fill in the details of sex in page one of the form with the nominee's heir

 Put the photo of the heir in page number one of the form and sign it by the heir below

 Fill in the Form No. 80 in the Form No. 2 with the heirs

 In any case, according to the Pension Gratuity and Development Authority Accident Regulations 2012, in case of death, the amount deposited by the deceased employee NSDL is more than two lakhs.  Number Two Mass Action D The heir should fill in the full details of the Annual and then sign it below

 Form No. 2 of the year should be filled and signed by the family member of each employee in which the details of the parents of the employee should be specially written along with a copy of PAN card as well as bank details should be sent.  To send

 Form No. 2

 In the first box in form number three, sign the witness, write the full details of the witness below it, then sign the heir in the box between page number three in the form and also put the photo of the heir in the last box in page number three.  Fill in the following details in page number three in the form only if it is signed in Gujarati or thumbprinted in it.

 If there is a Saxon app in this number 4 by India, sign the coins of Reena Vada and send it to the original.  Fill in the KYC certificate attached with this to get the signature stamped and send the original signed by the head of the office in two copies.

 Fill in the No Objection Certificate Form enclosed with the signature of the Head of the Office and send the original along with the signature of the Head of the Office with the details of the deceased in the English format of the accompanying Death if any.

 For proof of residence of the nominee's heir, any two of the following certified copies, one of which should be photocopied.

 Aadhaar Card Voter Identity Card Driving License Passport Ration Card Photo Credit Card A Service Pen Card Mpk Identity Card with Photo Issued by MLA A copy of Job Card allotted under Raman NREGA is required.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

 In case the mini heir is younger than 18 years in the provincial record of NSDL or in the above certificate of inheritance, his birth certificate or school living certificate should be included.

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