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Thursday, December 23, 2021

Vaidik ganit na upyog babat std 6 to 10

 National Education Policy 2020 states that students studying in Indian education system and Gujarat state schools need to get acquainted with the glorious culture of India and its heritage and take pride in being Indian.  The work is being done. In this work, Vedic Mathematics plays an important role in strengthening the foundation of students' mathematics and science.

 At the end of the adult deliberation on the above matter of National Education Policy 2019, the following resolution has been passed.

 👉Compulsory implementation of Vedic Mathematics in 20000 government aided primary schools selected in phases under Accident at School while voluntary implementation in other government aided and autonomous schools depending on the local situation.

 👉Academic work From the year 2022 23, the phased implementation of Vedic Mathematics will have to be done as follows.

 👉In the first phase of the academic year 2022, in the next seven years and in the next nine years, bridge courses will have to be conducted in the required standard.

 👉Necessary training on curriculum should be conducted by Gujarati Educational Research and Training Council, Gandhinagar.

 👉Literature for Std. 6 to 8 should be prepared by Gujarat Educational Research and Training Council Gandhinagar and literature for Std. 6 and 10 should be prepared by Gujarat State Secondary and Higher Secondary Board Gandhinagar.

Click here for download GR

 Celebration of special day based on Vedic Mathematics in schools.

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