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Monday, April 4, 2022

Matter of celebrating the date of establishment of state primary school

Matter of celebrating the date of establishment of state primary school

  The Prime Minister addressed the "Gujarat Panchayat Mahasammelan" held at GMDC Ground, Ahmedabad on 11/06/207, in which every school was instructed to celebrate its founding day as a birthday every year.  A circular has been issued on 19/06/207 directing the head office to give relevant instructions. The research should be done keeping in view the following matters with the participation of school teachers, children, villagers, school management committee and parents of the children.  In which the following guidelines should be included. 

(1) In what circumstances the school was established in the village, by whom it was established, the students of the time of establishment of the school studying, if any, should be called and honored by them.  To present the memoirs to the present students.  Respect the alumni who hold high positions in the institutions and make appropriate arrangements so that the students currently studying can get the motivation to know the circumstances under which they have progressed to higher education. 

 (Ii) After studying the details of enrollment of children in the school from the beginning of school till now, the enrollment is going towards 100% and the details should be presented to the villagers.  To present the school development plan to the entire villagers 

(3) and the alumni regarding the facilities which are currently available in the school development and the facilities that need to be made available.  Get the necessary public support to make the missing facilities available in the school.  To analyze the students who have dropped out of school since the commencement of the school, to analyze the condition in which they have dropped out of school and to make intensive efforts to prevent the children from dropping out of school at present (2).  Is.  In such circumstances, in the birth and death register of the Panchayat, all the children and the children whose age is eligible for admission in the school should not be deprived of school admission.  100% enrollment of all children is done in school  : 1 Scanned with CamScanner

 All schools in the state to celebrate their establishment as Diwani Day.  Gujarat Government Education Department 29 MAR 2022 Circular No: PRE / 1903/4 / Sadda Bhavan, 2-Oct, Gandhinagar Ta.  12/06/202 |  19544 Read: 3 (1) Hon.  Verbal instruction given by the Prime Minister regarding the invitation made during his visit to Gujarat on 19/06/207 Introduction: Sati Gujarat Man.  The Prime Minister was on two visits from 11/06/207 to 16/09/207.  Respectfully addressing the meeting at Gujarat Panchayat Mahasammelan held at GMDC Ground, Ahmedabad on 19/06/207.  

The Prime Minister had instructed every school to celebrate its foundation day as a birthday every two years.  Respect.  Respect as per the instruction of Chief Minister Shri Bhupendrabhai Patel regarding the implementation of this matter in relation to the call made by the Prime Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi.  Guided by Education Minister Shri Jitubhai Waghan which was under consideration of the department.  Instructions are circulated following the approvals.  Circular All schools in the state will have to celebrate their foundation day as a school day.  , Skirt. Hon. Chief Minister's Shri Chavashri, Rnim Sankul-1, Secretariat, Gandhinagar

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