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Wednesday, April 6, 2022



Year 2021 22

Mark recorder; Record marks and track progress with line charts and bar charts.

Using Mark list, you can save your marks and  sigh them as mark lists or charts any time you want.

     Also you can view line charts and bar charts of your marks in various exams and compare your performance.

     You can even store marks of your friends ! (by giving suitable label) and compare them in charts as well!

It is a very easy process to add marks; Just add for once and the exam pattern will get stored so that you can just enter marks  for the next time !

Two chart modes are available : bar charts and line charts to compare or track  achievement .

Mark list will help you to remember the marks of different marklists which can be  retrieve any time.

make your own online mock test, set  different choice questions & share with ease.

Test Easy is an online class test maker  redbreast that  permit you to create, publish and share exams. Creating an exam has never been easier. what you need to do is just capture,crop, edit and upload the paper,that's it. 
Test Easy can be used by educators, trainers, non-profits, businesses and other professionals who need an easy way to quickly make exams, tests, and quizzes online. You can create and publish your first exam in a  any minutes!

1.Create online exams easily

Just drag and drop your questionnaires if you have them in jpg/png format, You can nevertheless create your questions manually an set additional images to it. Test easy allows you scan you paper,
edit for better view and add or remove additional text on paper.Exams can be created offline till it is finally ready to be published. By taking a tour, it’s easy to understand the Test Easy format and add your own questions in the 
SET PAPER portion. You are allowed to add as many paper as required for a particular test. 

2.Publish exams

After you have created a test, you can publish it, It will make your test live over the server database for others to access the paper anytime, anywhere. 
What it needs to access the paper and give a test is just the Test IDs that will be generated as soon as you publish it, you have to share your Test Ids with the exam aspirants, that's it.
It is that easy to publish and access a paper. You can mark an exams as private if you think the paper shouldn't be accessed anymore, just by clicking on the assigned button named 'Finish Execution'.

3.Share exams Ids

You as a teacher/tutor can share live tests to be accessed by students. Anyone having the Ids can access the paper, given that, he/she has already registered in Test Easy as a student.
Anyone can share public exams with others. Only you can share your own public exams with others till it is live.
If you are a teacher, sharing exams is an alternative way to assign homework to your students. 

4.Organize your creations

Test papers are saved locally on your phone, you will have a list of your recent creations. Test Easy allows you to easily navigate through all your creations, You are allowed to 
edit and re-publish any of your creations with or without modifications. You can also delete a creation if you think it is supposed to have no longer usages and clean up some memory.

5.Check test results and calculate marks instantly

Test Easy allows to check student's score on a click, review answer keys and share score card instantly. Checking papers has never been easier.
Once a student is done with his/her test, you as a teacher/tutor will get your result activity list updated,  you can review the grade report and see which questions got wrong. 

6.Share score card

After calculating score, you will have an option to share score card and add additional views to it.
so, save your valuable time, make your own online mock test with ease, in a time efficient way, try out Test Easy, the mock test maker app.

This method, which is very popular in the western world, is a complete test of students' understanding of the subject.  Writing material is available, but the question is one that requires a definite understanding of the subject, not a heap of information.  Here the readiness of teachers is most required.  Only students who have a true understanding of the subject can give answers to the new questions asked in this method.  There is a time limit here too, but many experiments have shown good results by giving unlimited time.  * Take Away Home Test As the name suggests, this is a test that can be taken at home, which can be considered as a different version of the Open Book Test.  Here students can take questions home and prepare answers with the help of parents - elders - friends etc.  In this too, both definite and indefinite examinations can be taken.  

The purpose of this method is to check the learning of the students in the true sense of the word, as opposed to the testimonials, but the readiness of the teachers also plays a big role here and if the questions are not practical then this examination can be meaningless.  * Group Test (Group Test) gives a question paper to a small group of students, finds the answer together.  It is obvious that students learn more from friends than from peers and from experiences outside the classroom.  Here students engage with each other through discussion and learn from each other while responding.  Besides, they enjoy the exam in this method without having to deal with the burden of the exam. 

 Here also the readiness of teachers is tested.  Thus the basic purpose of education is also achieved if we can teach them by increasing the enthusiasm and confidence of the students through different methods of examination. 

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Std 3 ગણિત પેપર સોલ્યુશન

ધોરણ 4 ગણિત પેપર સોલ્યુશન

ધોરણ 5 ગણિત પેપર સોલ્યુશન

Date 19/4/2022 પેપર સોલ્યુશન

 20/4/2022 paper solution

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