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Thursday, October 13, 2022

Byju "s India most important online education


Engaging video lessons, live classes, personalised learning, unlimited practice

Learning app with LIVE online classes, instant doubt resolution, LIVE classrooms for classes 4-10, personalised study app for Maths, Science, Social Studies, video lessons and more.

Welcome to BYJU’S - The Learning App, India’s largest online learning program & every student’s favourite learning companion!

This is one of the world’s best study apps for classes 4-10. With the perfect blend of engaging video lessons & personalised learning, this padhne wala app has been designed to help students practise, learn & understand concepts in an easy-to-grasp manner.

What’s new

In this release, we bring to you some exciting new features!

🆕Get answers to your doubts, within seconds
Stuck on a query? Worry not! Get your doubts cleared any time of the day with the new “Ask a Doubt” feature. Just share a picture of your question or type in your doubt to get an instant answer.

Eg: Have maths queries? Maths app to your rescue. This math solution app will help you get instant answers to your doubts.

Important link.

🆕BYJU’S Classes with Two Teacher Advantage

We bring you an amazing way to experience online tuition on this app with our new BYJU’S Classes two-teacher model, where every class has 2 teachers.

Top Features of BYJU’S - The Learning App

This study app is power-packed with exclusive features to help students learn better & score higher🏆 Here’s what’s in store for y

💻LIVE classes- Subscribe to BYJU’S Classes to experience LIVE online tuition with 2 teachers in 1 class. Book a FREE trial class.
📹Interactive videos- FREE access to 50,000+ learning videos, available in 6+ languages.

TET 1 ઓફિસિયાલ નોટીફિકેશન pdf 2022 અહિકલિક કરો
TET 2 ઓફીસીયલ નોટીફીક્શન pdf 2022 અહિં ક્લીક કરો

👩‍🏫Personalised learning journey- Unique learning journey’s specially crafted for every type of learner to match their needs

Download application
📚 Unlimited practice- Interactive tests, video prompts, & practice sessions that help students learn through practice & master each chapter. This padhaai karne wala app also comes with an adaptive Warm Up, Sprint, & Race Mode.

મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક 2023

રાજકોટ જિલ્લાનું 2023નુ રજા લિસ્ટ 

જામનગર જિલ્લાનું 2023નું રજા લિસ્ટ 

પંચમહાલ જિલ્લાનું 2023નું રજા લિસ્ટ 

પાટણ જિલ્લાનું 2023નુ રજા લિસ્ટ 

બનાસકાંઠા જિલ્લાનું 2023નું રજા લિસ્ટ 

મોરબી જિલ્લાનું 2023નું રજા લિસ્ટ

આણંદ જિલ્લાનું 2023નું રજા લિસ્ટ

ડાંગ જિલ્લાનું 2023નું રજા લિસ્ટ

બોટાદ જિલ્લાનું 2023નું જાહેર રજા લિસ્ટ 

કચ્છ જિલ્લાનું 2023 જાહેર રજા લિસ્ટ

Instant doubt resolution - This question answer app comes with instant doubt-clearing feature that answers all your queries, instantly. q&aal-time progress reports- Analyse your progress, strengths & areas of improvement through real-time r

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