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Friday, October 14, 2022

Diwali special shub muhurt for pray

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दीवाली पूजा विधि, दीवाली आरती, लक्ष्मी पूजा विधि दीवाली 2020 in हिन्दी & English Diwali poojan vidhi in Hindi and English. This diwali poojan vidh app contains diwali date 2020, laxmi puja vidhi in diwali, kubera pooja, chhoti diwali pooja & chhoti diwali wishes, dhanteras puja vidhi & dhanteras wishes, govardhan pooja & govardhan wishes, bhai dooj pooja, bhai dooj wishes & chhat pooja in hindi. 

Also dedicate section in chitragupt app for chitragupta pooja vidhi, chhat pooja vidhi, laxmi mantra for money, laxmi mantra hindi, special laxmi beej mantra and shri dhan laxmi mantra. This diwali wishes images app contains special section for diwali related wishes. From this section you can send / share happy diwali wishes, Dhanteras Wishes, chhoti diwali wishes, govardhan wishes, bhai dooj wishes and chhat puja in hindi wishes, Share your love and wishes through this app.

Diwali, festival of lights in India, we celebrate happy Diwali festival lighting and cleaning home, decorate the house with Rangoli. We worship Goddess Lakshmi puja, Laxmi aarti, Lord Ganesha puja, Lord Kuber Pooja, Chitragupta puja, govardhan pooja on day of Diwali. After six days some part of india celebrate chhath puja and we provide some important info in this chhath puja app.

ચોપડા લાવવાનુ શુભ મુહુર્ત

તારીખ ૧૮-૧૦-૨૦૨૨, મંગળવાર (પુષ્યનક્ષત્ર)

સમય ચોઘડીયા
સવારના ૯:૩૦ થી બપોરના ૧:૫૧ ચલ,લાભ,અમૃત
બપોરના ૩:૧૭ થી સાંજના ૪:૪૪ શુભ
સાંજના ૭:૪૪ થી રાત્રીના ૯:૧૭ લાભ

ધનતેરસ શુભ મુહુર્ત / Dhanteras shubh muhurt

તારીખ: ૨૨-૧૦-૨૦૨૨,શનિવાર
સમય ચોઘડીયા
સવારના ૮:૦૪ થી સવારના ૯:૩૦ શુભ
બપોરના ૧૨:૨૩ થી સાંજના ૪:૪૨ ચલ,લાભ,અમૃત
સાંજના ૬:૦૮ થી સાંજના ૭:૪૨ લાભ
રાત્રીના ૯:૧૬ થી રાત્રીના ૧:૫૭ શુભ,અમૃત,ચલ

દિવાળી શુભ મુહુર્ત ૨૦૨૨ / Diwali shubh muhurt

તારીખ: ૨૪-૧૦-૨૦૨૨,સોમવાર

સમય ચોઘડીયા
સવારના ૬:૩૯ થી સવારના ૮:૦૫ અમૃત
સવારના ૯:૩૧ થી સવારના ૧૦:૫૭ શુભ
બપોરના ૧:૪૯ થી સાંજના ૭:૪૧ ચલ,લાભ,અમૃત,ચલ
રાત્રીના ૧૦:૪૯ થી ૧૨:૨૩ લાભ
There are several legends connected to Deepavali, according to Bhalla. Some believe the day celebrates the return of King Rama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, and his wife Queen Sita, an avatar of goddess Lakshmi, to Ayodhya after he 14 years in exile which residents celebrated by lighting rows of clay lamps. Some believe Diwali falls on the birthday of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity, and the day she married Vishnu.  

Others believe Deepavali celebrates the day Lord Krishna, another avatar of Vishnu, defeated Prince Narakasura and brought peace to the earth. In western India, the festival marks the day Vishnu, one of the main gods of the Hindu trinity, sent the demon King Bali to rule the nether world. Deepavali Forever: Hindu festival gets USPS to stamp of approval Although the festival originated with Hindus, Deepavali is celebrated by most Indians of all faiths including Jains, Buddhists and Sikhs.

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Deepawali ki hardik shubhkamnaye. We are still working & would love to have your feedback on this app to create best experience for you.

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