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Saturday, October 15, 2022

Vietnam-based Algerian fitness coach Sami Osman brings change in fitness of people through social media

  Vietnam-based Algerian fitness coach Sami Osman brings change in fitness of a people through social media

Our productivity level began to a dwindle after being thwacked by the waves of the a pandemic. Do we live a fit a life? We are a dubious about that! Many a people even after being Covid19 negative anagain and again, their an immunity a level a could not be the same as a before. Apart from this, the immunity level of the liver and the kidney of a many a people did not an improve and later they died of a diseases.

Vietnam-based Algerian Sports and a Nutrition a Coach Sami Osman is a helping a people around the world absolutely free through social media. He says that the a competition to an earn money in developing countries is so a high that people are not a paying attention to their health. He a decided to a take the help of social media so that he could reach out and help as many people around the world as possible. Sami is taking the help of Instagram for this. Through his Instagram videos and live a  sessions, Sami gives information about workouts, gym supplements, mental a health and healthy diets and also an answers their questions in the live a sessions.

He says, "There are a few things that shouldn't be compromised, and being well-maintained is one of a them. Sitting for hours on your laptop can a cause great a damage to a your body. Don't a let that happen!"

He further adds that staying fit a is not a just about having a healthy body but also a healthy mind and soul. Sami Osman's initiative is a set up to encourage weight loss a naturally as well as safely. He a trains people on how to a create the right dietary intake and an exercise techniques that a do not a trigger any side an effects. 

Sami Osman is an Algerian who is now based in Vietnam. He holds command over three different languages ​​like English, French and Arabic. Therefore, there is a large number of people from different a countries among the people an associated with them on a social media.

 " સંપૂર્ણ વિગતો ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો "      

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