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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

New lessons homework file for students /creative work and more

 Primary Department as well as Upper Primary Department Secondary Department as well as Higher Secondary Department have decided to give all the educational Mahabharats and postpone the examination due to the increasing fury of Koro transition and give mass promotion to the children

.  After preparing the letter and handing over the progress sheet to the children, the children are now given 3 days summer vacation. The children are involved in various activities like Radha Kishan. Some students join computer classes. Some students are involved in their parents' traditional business.  

There are books available in different markets for information about different types of horses. Devas has come and also does homework. Special homework books for lessons are also available from google. Students learn different colored activity based education. You can also get various games on vacation like indoor games as well as au  Todor Games Ravi ne children are coming to their various inner skills can also be increased in children by reading a book of different types of general knowledge on the basis of which the knowledge of students can be increased by using books sandesh rickshaw parents also strive for it  Different newspapers motivate children to read so that the lessons of various general knowledge will be remembered in the minds of the students for a long time.

 Try to study for if children are encouraged and motivated for good activity based writing along with jokes.  Students can do various tasks easily. Here also PDF of some books is ready. Children's desire for homework increases towards homework. In order to print the PDF, parents can take it out on their own and test their children's knowledge by sitting with their children

Click here to download standard 3 to 5

 Click here to download standard 6 to 8

Click here to download std 1 pdf
Click here to download std 2 pdf

For that and for the convenience of the children, the questions are given here so that in addition to some basic questions, such as figurative questions as well as commissioner questions, there are no questions based on Patan.  If the answer is also included in this PDF, the student can make efforts to increase his thinking ability

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