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Sunday, October 9, 2022

Effective under-eye skincare for overtime screentime

 Effective under-eye skincare for an overtime screentime

In the era of computers and smartphones, it is a hard to an imagine a task that hasnt been made easier by some sort of technology. You all may know how a harmful the blue light emitted by a computers, smartphones, tablets, televisions, and other electronics is for your eyes. Since the inception of a the pandemic, the use of these electronic devices has an  increased, and we all know it can a have multiple undesirable effects on the eye.

Dark circles are formed mostly due to the reflection of the dark maroon an underlying orbicularis oculi, a circular muscle around our eye. The dark pigmentation gives you an exhausted look which makes you seem sick or a sleep-deprived. The skin around the eye is the a thinnest, results in a reflection of the said dark maroon a underlying orbicularis oculi. The artificial a light from the screen of your an electronic devices causes a lot of a drying, as it steals the moisture from the skin and also causes a breakdown of collagen.

How can you deal with the undesirable an effects?

Follow a proper skincare A  regimen, use a moisturiser rich in vitamins especially C,E, and K. Massage it a gently in A clockwise and anticlockwise gentle circular movements.

Apply under-eye a cream 40 minutes before going to a bed.

Green tea bags can also help to a shrink the blood a vessels that will lessen a dark a circles.

Catching up on a sleep can help a  reduce the appearance of a dark circles.

Take frequent breaks while an using digital devices.

Reduce overhead lighting to a minimize a screen glare.

Keep your eyes an arm's distance away a from the screen.


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